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We are now offering the following tours from preferred reputable vendors. It is our pleasure to book any of the following tours through our onsite office to make your stay in Costa Rica enjoyable and hassle free. Please contact us at 011-506-2643-3487, from the US 713-370-1168 or by email monacojaco@gmail.com.

Transfers from San Jose Airport SJO
*5-8 Passengers$160  
9-12 Passengers$220
*If less than 6 people price will change* 

CANOPY TOURS/ZIP LINE: This tour is located 10 minutes from Monaco Condominiums in Jaco Beach on the central Pacific coast. This project was designed not only as an extreme adventure, but as a way to enjoy nature without harming the environment. This property boasts spectacular views of the Herradura Bay and Island, as well as the Gulf of Nicoya.  Within the property, you may have the opportunity to view scarlet macaws, chestnut mandible toucans and white-face monkeys. The property rests on 80 acres of land... and about 50% of this land is protected by the Costa Rican government.

The adventure starts on a 15-minute ride aboard our specially designed tractor.  Once we arrive to the top of the mountain, our bilingual guides will explain step by step all the safety procedures you most follow to enjoy your adventure, we then descend to the bottom via a series of zip lines, including 14 platforms and 12 cables with a total cable distance of 3.5 kilometers including the longest cable in the area (2400 ft.)
Price per Person: $70.00 Transportation from Monaco Condominiums is included.

ATV Tours: Guide takes you to the tops of the mountain tops and deep into the rain forest. Depending on the tour you select you can see the Costa Rica nature at its finest. You will be picked up from Monaco.

2 Hour Tour Price per Person:$70.00
3 Hour Tour Price per Person: $90.00
4 Hour Tour Price per Person:$120.00

Tour & Rental Requirements: (Drivers)
1) Passport (Original or Copy with face & last stamp)
2) Drivers License
3) Credit Card (Rentals: Vehicle Deposit & Tours: Security Voucher)
Please understand that these requirements are a MUST, and without these requirements the tour or rental will not be completed.

White Water Rafting: During the scenic drive your guide will explain some of the history of the town of Quepos. This property has an open air waiting area and bathrooms. Your guide will give you some safety instructions to follow, and then you are off to tame the rapids of Naranjo River. The rafts are built to hold a maximum of 6 passengers. Guides will accompany you down stream in kayaks to ensure your safety. Naranjo River flows through mountains, jungle gorges, farmlands and palm plantations. The river’s course is steep and challenging, perfect for adventure seekers in search of an adrenaline rush. Halfway through the course you can take advantage of the pit stop to catch your breath and admire the view. Towards the end of the river, the waters calm down and you can take in the sights while cruising over the last few rapids. 

Upon completing the 1 hour and 45 minute portion of this Manuel Antonio tour you will be served a tasty lunch made with fresh local ingredients. Transportation back to your hotel will be provided by your tour operator. This Manuel Antonio tour is only available in rainy season (May to December). This river boasts class 3 rapids all year long, during rainy season it also boasts some class 4 rapids. Participants must be at least 8 years old. Transportation provided by your tour operator will pick you up from your hotel.

Price per Person: $115.00 Transportation from Monaco Condominiums is included.

Canyon Waterfall Rappelling: Just 15 minutes from Jaco we will arrive at a beautiful 800 acre property to start your adventure. You will be outfitted with latest and safest gear from Black Diamond in the USA.  After being instructed on the safe and proper use of the equipment, we will begin our hike into the canyon (20-30 minutes). Your naturalist guide will stop along the way to point interesting flora and fauna. Monkey, Toucan and Scarlet Macaw sightings are common! After arriving at the top, we will zip line over of a gorgeous 200’ waterfall. Then we will begin our descent down through the waterfalls. We will rappel down the face of 4 waterfalls from 60-90 feet!!  At all times you will be “safe and backed up” by your guide!! A short hike further and we will then “ZIP-OUT” on 2 canopy zip lines. The longest is over 2000 feet!!! 
Price per Person: $99.00 Transportation from Monaco Condominiums is included.

The Explorer Water Fall Tour: Experience the meaning of ‘Pura Vida’ as this guided trip takes you to the forest in the hills above Jacó Beach to a majestic setting of pure Costa Rican natural harmony. We will take a gorgeous 4×4 drive up the mountain over 2000′. Your guide will stop along the way to point out interesting flora and fauna. You will be able to view and experience over ten waterfalls that flow from one beautiful pool into the next. These natural pools will invite you to swim in the fresh mountain spring water and submerge under the falls becoming one with nature. You can stay on the trail or with just average balance we can walk up through the river from one waterfall to the next enjoying each pool as we go. For the more adventurous there are a couple of places you can jump into the pools from up to 20’! The healing power of standing under the falls and allowing the water to massage your body will both relax and rejuvenate your senses. During the entire tour, we are totally surrounded by beautiful Costa Rica virgin rain forest. This tour includes short hikes out to the falls, and your guide will show you how to safely navigate the jungle trails and the rocks around the falls. Bring your camera and your guide will keep it in a dry bag and make sure you get all those amazing pictures!

Price per Person:$75.00 Transportation from Monaco Condominiums is included.

The Extreme Waterfall Adventurer: This is an all day quest geared toward adrenaline junkies but also for the more subdued. It includes a drive south to the wild and rugged Osa area. We will trek to five different waterfalls in three locations with each one getting bigger and more beautiful. You can observe the falls from dry land, swim in the pools or climb up and jump right in! It is up to you to decide what you are up for. One of the falls has a rope swing that you can that you can swing and then jump off into the natural pools below. The next waterfall has jumps from 8-40 feet and a natural water slide. We will then enjoy an authentic Costa Rican meal at a typical local restaurant. After lunch we will enjoy a 4×4 trek deep in the mountains to arrive at arguably the most magnificent waterfall in all of Costa Rica. When conditions are right you’ll have the option of cliff jumping from 20, 30, 45 or 75 feet into the deep pool at the base of the 75′ falls. During this tour you will be deep into the Costa Rica Rain Forest. The first 2 locations have a 5 minute hike to the falls and the last hike is only 30 minutes.
Price per Person: $139.00 Transportation from Monaco Condominiums is included.

Horse Back Riding: This is a great horseback riding adventure, once we equip you, we will take you along some Costa Rican farms, you will then start to enter the denser part of the rainforest, along the way your bilingual guide will explain to you the wonders of nature. After a relaxing stop at the lookout spot, you will then return to base. Along the way you may be able to spot some great wildlife such as: Toucans, Scarlet Macaws and White Faced Monkeys.

Price per Person: $75.00 per person this is a 3 hour trip

Crocodile Tours: Carara National Park has an extension of 5,242 hectares and different ecosystems such as lakes, swamps, and gallery forests. The park also has a wide variety of birds, amphibians, butterflies, and giant trees. Enjoy a great guided hike with a professional that will take you through beautiful trails ensuring a unique and unforgettable experience. During the walk, you will see some of the trees that are noteworthy for their large size like the Guanacaste (Costa Rica’s National Tree), The Guácimo Colorado, The Espavel, The Gallinazo and La Ceiba. Also, because the exuberant and abundant avifauna, you can see birds like the Clay Colored Robin (Costa Rica’s National Bird), the Scarlet Macaw , the Guaco, the  Pavón, Boat Billed Heron, the Tucancillo, the Gartered Trogon, hummingbirds and other species of animals like the White-tailed deer (Costa Rica’s national symbol), the Martilla, the Four-Eyed Fox, the Pizote, the Tolomuco, raccoons, the White-Faced Monkey, the Bear Horse, the two-toed sloth, the guatusa and the manigordo. Just 15 minutes away you will find the Rio Grande Tárcoles, where you will enjoy a wonderful tour of crocodiles. It lasts about two hours in which you will explore the Rio Grande Tarcoles, in one of our comfortable and safe boats. You will have the opportunity to see magnificent ancient reptiles with sizes of more than 4 meters. You will be accompanied by a Capitan and a bilingual guide, both navigation experts willing to provide all the information about the fauna and flora of the river.

Price per Person:$60.00 transportation included

Manuel Antonio National Park: With the establishment of Manuel Antonio National Park in 1972, the people of Costa Rica decided to preserve, for future generations, one of the most beautiful and bio-diverse areas in the world. Although it is the country's smallest national park, the stunning beauty and diversity of wildlife in its 683 hectares is unequaled.

Manuel Antonio contains a charming combination of rain forest, beaches and coral reefs. The beaches are the most beautiful in the country, lined with lush forest, and the snorkeling is excellent too. The forest is home for sloths, iguanas, the rare and adorable squirrel monkeys and millions of colorful little crabs. And the trail that winds around Punta Cathedral affords some spectacular views. Visiting the park, one is treated to an abundant diversity of wildlife. Cathedral Point, with its forest topped cliffs was once an island, but is now connected to the coast by a thin strip of island. This land bridge now forms the spine separating the parks two most popular beaches, Playa Espadilla Sur and Playa Manuel Antonio. The southern facing beach, Playa Manuel Antonio, is a picturesque half mile long, white sand crescent bisecting deep green foliage to one side and a private, secluded cove to the other. Standing with your feet dug into the sand and watching the wave crash against the rocks on either side of the lagoon, it is easy to believe that you are a thousand miles from anywhere.

Price per person:$95.00 Transportation, tour guide, entrance and breakfast.

Tortuga Island: In the Gulf of Nicoya, there is a heavenly archipelago of several islands with lush natural beauty and a sanctuary that is home to seabirds, white sandy beaches, and the flora and fauna of our Central Pacific region. Tortuga Island is located in this beautiful archipelago. Situated 12 nautical miles from Puntarenas, Tortuga Island (called by local indigenous people “Tolinga”) has an area of 120 hectares and is maintained as a protected forest, which has been awarded the Ecological Blue Flag for more than five years. This distinction is awarded to beaches in our country that have pollution-free waters. Due to its geographical features, Tortuga Island’s waters are clear turquoise, which are optimal for swimming.

Price per Person:$130.00 Transportation is included

Waterfall Gardens: Five waterfalls, cloud forest and rain forest, safe hiking trails, aviary with 40 species of birds, toucan feeding, marmoset monkeys,  insect exhibit, butterfly observatory and butterfly gardens, butterfly laboratory, two-toed sloths, Capuchin (white-faced) monkeys, black-handed spider monkeys, hummingbird garden with 26 documented species, hummingbird hand feeding in the mornings and afternoons, serpentarium (snake exhibit), Jaguar, pumas, ocelots, jaguarundi, margays, casita de la paz with petting zoo and ox cart, ranarium (frog exhibit), orchid exhibit, heliconia exhibit, bromeliad exhibit.  All of these offered at one place makes us the best eco park in Costa Rica.  This tour is an all day tour. The complex is 2.5-3 hours from Monaco. This is Costa Rica nature all in one place.

Price per Person: $179 Transportation from Monaco Condominiums is included.

Deep Sea Fishing:With a professional captain and crew
Half Day$700.00-$900.00 Price depends on size of boat
Full Day$1,000.00-$1,500.00 Price depends on size of boat

Massages Shizukesa: Relaxing, Deep Tissue with Bamboo, Sciatic Nerve, Lymphatic Drainage, Natural Facial Treatments and Couples Massages. All treatments include aromatherapy and music therapy.

Price: $50.00 Price based on Relaxing Massage, other treatments are priced differently.  

Aerial Tram: Take an Aerial Tram for an hour and 20 minutes and cover a distance of 2.6 kilometers through the treetops of the primary rainforest at a leisurely pace of two kilometers per hour. The open-air rain forest tram gondolas with canvas awnings seat six passengers plus a naturalist guide. It’s an excellent option for family and groups.
Price per Person: $60.00 Transportation from Monaco Condominiums is included.
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Book Monaco 1 Today, for a Lifetime of Memories!
Book Monaco 1 Today, for a Lifetime of Memories!

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